Our Conscience

Our Conscience

While pursuing the mission, MDSM planned and chartered with diligence and foresight for the long road ahead. It creates an envelop based on ethics which is the very fabric of the Organization. The process stretches from planning to monitoring and evaluation of all programs implemented by the Service Mission

People Centered and Participatory approach:

The programs of the Organization are designed owing the baseline information and felt-need of the public of that particular locality. Hence, it is people centered. Further, in the process of implementation, the Organization plays an inter-mediatory role as a facilitator dwelling on importance of the interest of the public through equivocal participation of the target group by means of enhancing their level of sharing and active indulgence.

Culture Based Approach:

Paying homage to the cultural and traditional practices of the target group, MDSM fabricates its programs. Therefore, more reciprocal, acceptable and sustainable in the locality.

Right Based Approach:

A person in neglect is deprived of his/ her moral and legal entitlements. MDSM, at the outset assembles the deprived and disadvantaged section, chalk out their respective denials and initiates process accordingly to empower them to stand up and claim their legitimatized rights in the society.

Promoting Gender Equity:

It is the pre-conceived notions of the male dominate society that women should not expose to the external environment and their activities should be confined within the four walls of the house. Thus, MDSM creates an evasive approach to introduce women in the main process with greater assess and numerous opportunities, through which they can spell out their basic needs and so consequently, loosing rights and well equip them to have a control over all programmatic interventions.

Promoting Fellowship and Cooperation:

Co-ordination is the key word in the vocabulary of development which is possible by means of networking. It provides a surface to fight belligerently for a common purpose. Through its visionary insight, MDSM steps to develop diverse partnership starting from grass root level Organization, community based Organization, Media to the Civil society partner. With passage of time it has jettisoned alliances with District. State and National Level Forums.

Transparency and Accountability:

Partnership with people and other sector is not possible unless an Organization maintains full transparency and accountability. Thus the ogranization is developing means, process and mechanism day by day to ensure functional transparency and social accountability.