Geriatric Care

Senior Citizen Home, Gobindpur,
Dist. Dhenkanal-759027, Odisha

For care and protection of helpless older persons of 60 years and above. Functioning since December 1, 1998. Facility available to accommodation 25 older persons.
Year: 2023-24 Year: 2024-25

Senior Citizen Home, Joranda,
Dist. Dhenkanal-759014, Odisha

For care and protection of helpless older persons of 60 years and above. Converted from Multi Service Center to Senior Citizen Home w.e.f. April 1, 2018. Accommodation capacity for 25 older persons.
Year: 2023-24 Year: 2024-25

Physiotherapy Center,
Near Indoor Stadium, Dhenkanal-759001, Odisha

For clinical therapy and physical fitness of older persons.
  • Recreation
  • Health Checkups
  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Outdoors
  • Funeral

Recreational Activities

Who doesn't like to have fun and refresh their bodies and minds. Having enjoyable pastimes that make them laugh,lose track of time and feel goofy like a kid at heart not only makes them feel good and also keeps them healthy. In our organization we have many recreational activities to make sure that our inmates have a proper leisure time..

Health Checkup of Senior Citizens including Men and Women

We are a great beleiver when it comes to the proverb 'Health is Wealth'.So to make sure we follow every bit of it,regular health checkups inluding health camps are organised in our organization to keep in check the health of our elderlies.


The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind,body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind. In our organization yoga is a daily basis activity for our elderlies that helps in injury prevention and stress relaxation.

Gardening Activities

Gardening is one way to express our love,care and nurture as it is the least we can do to please our mother nature. Gardening is quite similar to watch and grow an infant. In our organization our elderlies help us in nurturing the plants and trees by doing the garden chores which is a good time consuming activity along with improving the beauty of the area.

Spend Time Outdoors

In our organization we make sure that our elderlies spend enough time outdoors such as going to temples,festivals and fairs,picnics,etc to relax their minds.

Respectful Last rites

Death is inevitable.Each living will die over the long haul and deserve proper funeral along with their last rites.In our organization we make sure we perform all the last rites for the peaceful departure of the immortal soul.