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Good Causes

Our Conscience

Culture Based Approach:

Paying homage to the cultural and traditional practices of the target group, MDSM fabricates its programs. Therefore, more reciprocal, acceptable and sustainable in the locality.

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Right Based Approach:

A person in neglect is deprived of his/ her moral and legal entitlements. MDSM, at the outset assembles the deprived and disadvantaged section, chalk out their respective denials ....

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Promo ting Gender Equity:

It is the pre-conceived notions of the male dominate society that women should not expose to the external environment and their activities should be confined within the four walls of the house....

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About Us


About Us

We are bonafied social service inclined professional with a strong predilection of mind clubbed together to remove the society from the conch cell of ignorance by fostering peace, harmony and restoring human rights in favor of the deprived and neglected section of the society. Basing on the premise planned, chartered with diligence & foresight and after a long ......

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Our Projects

MDSM, expediting its process through relent quest of deprived, neglected and disadvantaged section, have naive to plunge series of activities in favour of them, provided line of directions to stand up and claim their exorcist demands.


What We Do?

MDSM play as a role of catalyst to supplement different plan/programs thereby establishing a healthy relationship government and civil society. Addresses host of social issues which needs immediate intervention and impairs general civic life. Encourages media participation to known different prevailing situation and create pressure on government mechanism through state/central level........

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